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Why Cinema Advertising?

Cinema advertising stands apart from other mediums of advertising such as print, radio, and television. This is because it captivates consumer attention in a non-intrusive and 360-degree marketing environment. Cinema advertising has five times the recall rates as compared to TV advertising. Here’s how it helps your brand penetrate effectively.

Captive Audience

Audience voluntarily pay to be in theatres, and cinema ads are considered a part of theatre experience. Since there is no option for the audience to flip channels, onscreen ads get close to 100% engagement leading to higher advertising recalls. Theatres also ask the audience to mute their mobile phones, which decimates advertising’s arch-rival.

Focused Target Group Profiling

Cinema audience primarily comprises families, couples, and friends - offering marketers a variety of customer groups in terms of age, socio-economic status, location, ethnicity, nationality, and more. Also, movie genres further narrow down the demographics allowing brands to focus on their target audience.

Unmatched Impact

The success of any marketing campaign depends largely on the impact it makes. With cinema advertising, marketers will get wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling space for branding. Couple this with low ad avoidance and high projection clarity, it makes sure campaigns have a larger-than-life impact.

All Senses Engaged

Cinema theatres are like carnivals for branding with advertisements adorning every part of the hall - auditoriums, lobbies, restrooms, food courts, etc. Onscreen videos capture the imagination of the audience with their HD audio and visual quality as compared to TV or radio. Marketers can also appeal to other senses through a free sampling of food & beverages, perfumes or air fresheners, etc.

Zero Wastage

With Cinema advertising you’ll get a perfectly narrowed down audience for brands to plan their marketing campaigns. The ads are played onscreen only after the audience is seated and are in a receptive frame of mind. This reduces budget wastage and improves advertising recalls.

Variety Of Advertising Options

In cinema theatres, marketers will have a multitude of opportunities and varieties of advertising options at multiple touchpoints from the entry to exit. Also, branding is everywhere and also in a non-intrusive fashion. This repetition of advertisements imprints the brans on the audience’ minds, sending the message across effectively.